Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reza in the news

This page offers a compilation of news stories and records about Bay Area landlord Reza Valiyee. You can find these and much more on him using your favorite Internet search engine.


A long list of code violations and actions from Berkeley City Council Minutes (7/12/11)
More on Reza and Berkeley can be found by searching the City Council minute archives.

NEWS ARTICLES and blog posts:

Berkeley's Master of Bad Marketing Plans (One Finger Typing, 6/6/11)
and more from the same blog: The Blurry Line Between Landlord and Supreme Power (6/23/11)

Landlord Hall of Shame (Tenants Together, 11/29/10)

Landlord/'Inventor' (Miheespeaking's blog, 3/2/10)

A man of perpetual motion (Berkeley Daily Planet, 12/20/09)

Bay Area's 45 Worst Slumlords (IndyBay, 4/18/07)

County Fines Landowner Almost $50,000 For Trees (West County Times, 12/8/00)

Landowner Fined for Incomplete Petition (West County Times, 11/9/00)

Neighbors Decry Hotel Developer: Clear-Cutting Prompts Ill Will (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/1/00)

Berkeley Dogging Landlord (San Francisco Chronicle, 3/28/98)


YouTube Video of Reza demonstrating his "perpetual motion" machine (3/5/10)

You can read his 2008 letter to John McCain and Mitt Romney here.

Perpetual Unlimited Clean Air Self Powered Invented Machines
Reza's very interesting blog.
The old site seems to have been taken down, but here's an excerpt from 2011:

"At the age of fifteen, my knowledge of physics was more developed and cultivated than any of the minds of the world's six billion person population combined. This is because I am the only one who has successfully invented dozens of fully functional perpetual motion machines. This monumental achievement will not only provide the world with a perpetual, unlimited, clean air, self powered, invented machine (see my website at WWW.PUCASPIM.COM), but it will also bring upon the solution to 90% of the world's problems, permanently. Through utilizing my invention, the wealth of the world (meaning the wealth of its people) will increase by many folds, and will reduce the amount of time the world needs to work, in order to survive, by many folds, leaving plenty of time for recreation and leisure. In other words, I will transform this world into paradise."